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Our Children, Our Future
Our child protection policy provides guidelines for stake holders such as Divine Hearts and their staff to create safe environments…
Borehole drilling
Many Ugandans in the rural suffer with a challenge of lack of clean and safe water. In some areas you…

Welcome to Divine Hearts Foundation

Vision: “To empower and improve the quality of life of  vulnerable people in Uganda so they can be able to maximize their potential by effectively using their gifts, abilities and resources for productive and meaningful living.”

Mission:  “To promote Children and Women’s rights, Spiritual development, Physical well-being, Healthcare, Economic Development, Education and Skills development.

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Divine Hearts Foundation

Provision of clean and safe water

At Divine Hearts Foundation we strive to ensure that communities access clean and safe water. Many Ugandans in the rural suffer with a challenge of lack of clean and safe…

Health and Medical Care

The current life expectancy at birth in Uganda stands at 58 years for both sexes. Some indicators have shown improvement in the recent past. Devine Hearts Foundation is committed to…

Education and Skills Developement

Divine Hearts Foundation believes in equipping knowledge and skills for self-sustainability as well as create awareness. For this reason, the foundation has put up Divine Hearts International Training College to…


Most communities in the rural still believe in a number of traditions and cultures that hinder them from growth and development as well as mislead them. It’s also important to…

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